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The Benefits of Renovating Your Home

A well-thought-out and expertly executed home renovation project can bring a myriad of benefits to homeowners. Not only can updating your living spaces improve the function of your home, but it also has the potential to significantly increase the value of your property in the future.

Furthermore, a successful home renovation can even bring about a sense of pride and satisfaction for being able to upgrade your living space into something you can truly call your own.

If you have a growing family, adding an extra bedroom or two can be a smart move to make your home more comfortable and accommodating. Not only will you have more space to spread out and utilize, with the addition of sound-insulated walls you can create your own quiet space, a must if you have kids. When re-lining exterior walls adding the highest level of insulation not only keeps the heat in but can block out external noises creating a sanctuary from the outside world. Another important insulation cost to consider, particularly in older homes is to install of double-glazed windows. there are a few methods for doing this, re-glazing timber sashes, and replacing the timber sash with a complete aluminium framed double-glazed unit is a couple of common options that are less invasive. it will depend on your budget which option will work

Upgrading the insulation will help retain heat for longer, but the heat needs to come from somewhere. Older homes in New Zealand are notoriously hard to heat, and usually only have one, sometimes two heat sources, that are overworked trying to heat the whole home. Older homes are notorious for their lack of proper insulation, which makes them costly to maintain in terms of heating costs as they lose the heat much faster than well insulated Homes. Fortunately, with the right modern heating and insulation solutions, homeowners can drastically reduce their heating bills. A more efficient System (if done correctly) is Central heating, however, installation can be expensive and intrusive as it requires the installation of a network of piping or ducts throughout the house. On-wall Radiator pipes are best run through the walls, Ducted heatpumps are bit easier if there is roofspace acces to run the ducts and mount the indoor unit. Infloor hydro heating is not as common in a renovation as most systems are installed and cast into the concrete floors Therefore, it is worth considering the extra cost when budgeting your renovation, even f it is installation of pipes for future heating upgrade when the money tree is sprouting again A long term PLAN IS KEY Creating an effieicet home that is comfortable for you, warm in the cool seasons and cool when the sun is relentless an important and often overlookd contribution to an effective home climate control is ventilation Prpoer air exchange an vapour control will reduce condensation and work to prevent excess moisutre gathering in your home and the mould and health issues that come with ut

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