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With 20 years of experience in building and construction, Chris is your Preferred Builder for your Renovation and Custom Home Build

I am dedicated to providing superior service and high-quality results to all our clients.
With a commitment to providing budget-conscious solutions that not only meet Your goals but exceed your expectations, I will strive to ensure that all work is completed to the highest quality standards and within a reasonable Timeline.

Please have a look around our Site and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Me to discuss your Project 

I look forward to meeting You

Love the house you're in but you want to make it a home that is personal to you?


Are the little ones not so little anymore and you need some more space?

I have the skills and experience that home remodels and extensions require to execute and complete 



Are you wanting to build new?

We also do new builds, we usually leave the standard cookie cutter high volume builds to the housing companies, but if you want something that is unique to you,  which may require a greater level of craftsmanship and skill encompassing a wider range of construction methods then let's have a chat.

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Hi, I'm Chris a Nelson local, born and raised.
I have been building since 2003 and have worked on a variety of projects in the region using various construction methods. From small alterations to Large commercial projects.

I have also have built a bit of a reputation on social media, from Podcast hosting to talking to the camera check out what I've been up to

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"Hi Chris, Just to let you know I'm home and absolutely love the skylights .. Thx so much for doing such a magnificent job.
I've referred your details on to friends of mine"

The Finish

The Finish is where I start, ultimately it is the the final frame of reference you will have once the project is complete, so in my mind it is one of the most important considerations, alongside longterm structural and weatherproof performance , Visual Performance  will be a talking point and a call back to the quality that is consistent from the foundations through to the timber framing and onwards.

I am on site from the beginning and while I am laying your foundation I'm looking ahead to the Finishing lines and how they will look at handover,

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"For me, the main benefit of using Chris is his integrity and character,....key qualities that I look for when I'm looking to employ somebody or somebody to do work for me."




When planning a construction project, without a doubt the builder you choose for your project is an important decision. Every builder is different, we don't come in a one size fits all package which means your choice will have a significant impact on the journey and the quality of the final product, and also your pocket.


Wall Framing

Timber Framing can be built in a number of ways.

Something I have observed is that because of the prevalence of pre-nail framing in a busy cookie-cutter industry, it means some carpenters are not being taught the basics of building compliant and structurally correct framing.

In Renovations, and some new build situations, technical  knowledge of how to build framing is a must-have, as most of the time frames are built in place or within existing walls. Thankfully I was taught well and excel at numerous aspects of timber framing, I can build them in place or stand prebuilt frames. 


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Have a read through a collection of my thoughts to help you on your Build journey and some recommendations to get you started on the right foot

Foundations and Floors

Foundations and floors are not all the same. Building a foundation on a slope will be different compared to building a foundation on flat ground. Timber Piled Floors can be cost-effective in some situations and concrete floors can be cost-effective in other situations, especially as floor area increases. I am competent in the common types of foundations used in Nz Buildings but also have experience with some more obscure Flooring situations

Ready for the Next Step?


Before we have a chat these are a few Bites of info that I will need to know for me to best understand the needs of your project.

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